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Constant and Boundless Research: Our commitment knows no rest or limits. Our goal is to discover ever-advancing technologies, enhancing our products and precisely addressing the unique needs of each individual. Our aim is to provide the means for them to recharge every night.
Dual core

Dual-core, comfort for each individual.

We all possess distinct body types that dictate our ideal support and comfort levels. In response, Magniflex presents Dual Core. This revolutionary system we've created allows you to share a mattress with your partner seamlessly, eliminating the need for compromises. Through this innovation, the mattress core of specific queen and king sizes is divided into two sections, enabling easy flipping for a firmer comfort choice on either side.

Two Varied Comfort Levels within a Single Mattress

Explore Combinations of Comfort

Side softfor added plushness and coziness.

Side firmFor a firmer and more supportive comfort.

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Double comfort actionEach core side offers distinct comfort. Unzip the mattress, flip the core to your side of the bed, and choose your perfect comfort setting.

Separate and reversible coresIdeal for couples, eliminating the need for compromise.

Perfect harmonyfor couples, catering to their differing sleep needs.

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Dolce Vita

Mattress with Dual Core technology

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Midnight stretching

The MagniStretch technology lengthens the body and stretches the spine from the lumbar area towards the neck and feet. It redistributes weight and increases the space between the vertebrae, meaning that you wake up full of energy and vitality.
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Resting is not only a pleasure but also essential for living a healthy life filled with zest and for enjoying what we love to do the most.

Sleeping itself is a pleasure, and sleeping while stretching your back can make waking up the next day a wonderful experience. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back.

Champs Choose MagniStretch

MagniStretch technology helps stretch the back while you sleep at night. That's why it has been chosen by star athletes like Giorgio Chiellini and Stefano Tonut.

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How it works

The special layers with inclined foam sections respond to the pressure exerted by the body's weight.

The mattress applies subtle traction to your spinal column and muscles throughout your body.

The space between the vertebrae increases, and the weight is distributed more evenly.

The benefits of the Magnistretch line

Magnistretch helps soothe muscle tension and contractions.
It alleviates neck and back pain
It improves blood circulation.

The layers in Elioform and Eliosoft are even more flexible, thanks to the innovative Stretch system, which provides ideal support to the spine.
The padding is made of Memoform, a soft and anatomical material.

The cover combines soft natural viscose with OutlastĀ®, a temperature-regulating fabric that absorbs excess heat and releases it when needed.
It features a micro-perforated and highly breathable side panel for increased airflow

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In July 2017, the ACA (American Chiropractic Association), the largest chiropractic association in the United States, certified the beneficial effects of the Magnistretch mattress, which stretches and relaxes your back

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Do you find yourself too hot at night?

The innovative Magnicool fabric provides a unique sensation of freshness. Like a gentle breeze, it promises an awakening as sweet and fresh as a cloud

The benefits of sleeping cool

Easier time falling asleep
Uninterrupted sleep cycles
Increased metabolism

Introducing the New Magnicool Fabric:

Thermo-regulation: This fabric ensures a cool and dry slumber.

Freshness: Experience instant freshness upon contact.

High Breathability: Enjoy excellent breathability for maximum comfort.

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Mattress with Thermoregulating technology

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Revolutionary Vacuum-Packed Technology

Our unwavering commitment to research and our dedication to nature have resulted in the breakthrough invention of vacuum packaging, revolutionizing the mattress industry.
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Benefits of Vacuum-Packing:

Consistent Hygiene and Quality: Maintains stability in hygiene and quality.

90% Reduced Volume: Shrinks volume by 90%.

Reduced CO2 Emissions: Results in reduced CO2 emissions (13 mattresses/cubic foot).

Open the package
Unroll the mattress
Allow it to rest for a minimum of 4 hours before use.
Full restoration achieved after 24 hours.
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Breathable design with varying differentiated support zones

Thanks to the holes featured in the layer, this special design ensures that the mattress delivers perfect breathability and optimal dispersion of moisture and heat. The constant air circulation inside the mattress and pillow ensures ideal heat exchange between the layer, the fabrics, and your body. In addition, since each part of the body applies a different amount of pressure, the mattress provides differentiated support to the different parts of your body distributing and balancing the weight in each part of the body to always offer the best support.